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Why limit your target audience?  Translate your website, blog, advertising campaign, curriculum or any corporate or personal documentation into Spanish.  After all, there are more than 380 million Spanish-speakers worldwide...

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Born in London , I spent much of my youth living in Spain , attending a Spanish school from the ages of 7-14. During those years my first language was Spanish...

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Spanish Translations
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Why halve your business potential by only providing information in one language?

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Giselle MaynardBorn in London, I spent much of my youth living in Spain , attending a Spanish school from the ages of 7-14. During those years my first language was Spanish (even dreaming and thinking in Spanish-a sure sign of full integration!). At 14, I set off for boarding school in the UK and did the usual O'Levels and A'Levels trek, followed by Westfield College , University of London.

With a combined English/Spanish degree, I began working at Twentieth Century Fox Film Company in London and spent the next 15 years working my way up the greasy pole of the entertainment industry, finally becoming sales and marketing director of one of the UK 's leading independent TV production companies. After becoming pregnant, I opted for motherhood over career and spent four glorious years just being a mum.

At the time when I began to think about venturing back into the world of commerce, I noticed that the vast majority of Spanish business websites did not have their content translated into English. Put this together with the massive foreign community living, working and visiting Spain and I thought I saw a clear and present niche. Following some market research, I realised that most of these Spanish companies had not translated their websites due to the prohibitive costs of professional translators; yet, in reality, the translation business has virtually no overheads and, therefore, I felt there was room to play around with the prices and adjust them to a level that would be beneficial to prospective clients and affordable to small businesses, yet still profitable for me.

On the other hand, with over 380 million Spanish-speakers worldwide, it seemed like madness for any and all serious English businesses not to have their websites translated into Spanish.  Why ignore this potentially enormous additional client base?

Being fully bilingual (and very articulately so) in both English and Spanish, I made my business plan, settled on a marketing strategy and set up , a translation company that specialises in the translation of websites from Spanish-English and English-Spanish, at eminently reasonable prices .

The business has been growing slowly, but steadily, ever since and I now have clients (small businesses and large multi-nationals) all over the world. So far, so good...