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Why limit your target audience?  Translate your website, blog, advertising campaign, curriculum or any corporate or personal documentation into Spanish.  After all, there are more than 380 million Spanish-speakers worldwide...

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Born in London , I spent much of my youth living in Spain , attending a Spanish school from the ages of 7-14. During those years my first language was Spanish...

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Why halve your business potential by only providing information in one language?

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At WebLanguages we believe in helping those not as fortunate as ourselves in any way we can.  Where financial aid is not possible, we must contribute our skills.  All translations for charitable entities are carried out free of charge.  If you, or anyone you know, runs or is involved with a charity and you think they might benefit from having their website or any other documentation translated into Spanish, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Some of the charitable organisations we have been involved with are:

 "The mission of Fundación Mozambique Sur is to contribute to the progress of the   most vulnerable sectors of Southern Mozambique, particularly women and children.  Our only wish is to help others."  Daniel Fernández

 "Lazos con Perú (Links with Peru) is a non profit-making association which was founded in 2006 after two volunteers visited the San Camilo Home in Lima, Peru.  The volunteers were impressed with the tremendous work being carried out there, especially for children with AIDS and their families. From the Lazos con Peru website we let everyone know about the work we are doing in Spain to support the cause of the San Camilo Home and spread the word about their fantastic work." Armando Benito - an organisation delivering a variety of materials, clothes, toys, food to far-away places on the African Continent. Add your grain of sand and help others by visiting their website and contributing what you can.